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If the commission staff eager to get takeout attempt once the transaction, not to the customer's needs first, maybe sometimes a deal, but the long-term performance will not be good for the individual takeaway where to go, but also have an adverse impact on the overall reputation of the salon . So employees and customers to do many contacts only auction psychological preparation. 1,2,3,4,5 or more points, salon can be arranged by staff training, practice and training, assessment be improved. Third, the hair products multiplication method takeaway takeaway human hair lace wigs products is a comprehensive project involving many aspects.

This human hair lace wigs by the entire work process, sub advance preparation, during follow-up, do a final summary presentation described three stages. Hairdressing go Name: 1, advance preparation hairdressing industry do domain
(1) emphasis on product display full lace human hair wigs product display ignored by many salons. Good Products makes cheap human hair products more intuitive for human hair wig products Graces, increase convincing when employees sell! Salon can be set in the reception area or waiting area product display shelves, so that customers can see the hair products in the area, there is a first impression; cheap human hair extensions products placed neatly, beautiful, clean, better lighting, and put the label, product leaflets, easy to understand customer specific content. Remember to regularly check, sorting, cleaning products on the shelves. Think about it, if the product is placed in confusion, still above the dust, to the customer to see how one would be like? In addition, the front desk can put some of the hair products, product leaflets, such as when the customer did not buy the product before checkout, or customer bought a few hair products though, but can also continue to recommend other suitable hair products, the cashier can timely to be recommended, maybe you can deal Oh! You must remember that when the supermarket checkout, easily on the shelves of a supermarket checkout to take sides gum, batteries and the like. Shampoo area can put some of shampoo, hair conditioner, increase product showcase opportunity, perhaps flavor when customers feel good shampoo, a bottle instead. As well as in hair stylist mirror stage, placing a modeling supplies, hair done for customers, with a use not only let customers feel the effect, they can show a cheap human hair product, then sell incidentally of course look natural, not like is obvious marketing.
(2) to create an atmosphere in the shop takeaway salon appropriate (but not affect the appearance of the shop) posters hanging flags hanging, coupled provocative advertising slogan, to create an atmosphere to attract customers attention.
(3) prepare enough inventory products to hair products supplier purchase enough products to prevent the stock. Managed to convince customers, no cargo is very disappointing. In addition, as human hair wig products supplier supporting the trial installation products, you have to fight some may be issued with the intention of customers to try. Such as the occurrence of certain varieties out to timely replenishment, at the same time, to inform workers temporarily without referral. Hairdressing industry do domain
(4) Regularly planned promotional activities takeaway salon human hair bob cut wigs products can meet holiday, planning hair products Takeout promotional activities (usually carried out together with hairdressing services promotion). Promotions do not direct price discounts, giveaways may take several forms, prizes. With promotional activities, you can plug in the door banners, set arches, in-store posters, hanging flags. Good activities before the event printed leaflets, and the prospects for the payment release read. To distribute leaflets in the shop my wife district traffic areas (of course, you want to license local). Before the event, or activities, employees can get the latest promotional messages called to tell regular customers. At the same time, centralized staff meeting announced promotional activities, employees must memorize and assessment. Some shops have had a joke, customers see banners, posters and asked staff promotional content, the results are different for each person to answer, or ambiguous.
(5) to carry out sales contests organized staff to carry out sales contests to inspire employees full sprint. Contest rules (especially bonuses and places), the first meeting announcement, then posted in the appropriate place. According to former employees takeaway situation, set goals for each person, encourage encouragement to mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff involved in the competition. Hairdressing
(6) mobilize all staff involved in takeaway takeout allow all staff involved in the salon, and an assistant, technician, wholesale human hair extensions stylist, have focused on the cashier to sell: some shop assistant to sell shampoo, human hair weaves conditioner based; technician ( the workers) to dye after the sale, after scalding care products; human hair lace wig stylist with styling products, care products, but also take into account the full range of products; the last one off as a cashier, as customers do not buy the product before checkout, or Although customers buy but can not buy less, you can continue to recommend other suitable human hair weave products.

This is a marketing method, but this attack on all fronts of the sales target is not clear, but also to have a negative customer experience. If a store from big coolie are actively working to sell red human hair wigs product, then marketing efforts will be great, not once or twice customer, listen to a few will consider natural human hair wigs product is not really good, I do not try a bit. Implementation of full participation Takeout, salon to develop a good takeaway commission who owns the detailed rules, otherwise easily lead to quarrel. Hairdressing go domain: z (7) training and promotion done all the preparations said earlier, it is to enhance the performance of hair products Takeout laid a solid foundation, the next most important thing is to have a group to establish the correct marketing concepts and active mentality, master the correct sales skills and product knowledge of employees, which depends on training solutions, mainly in the following aspects: A to establish the correct marketing concepts ① first marketing character, after selling products; ② you are a professional. In order to recommend to their customers the expertise of professional products; ③ gradual to avoid tough sell; ④ customers buy not only hair products, more importantly, beautiful, fashion; customer care is beneficial, rather than a variety of characteristics; ⑤ Do not use discounts instead of the sales price; ⑥ dare to speak, afraid of being rejected; and so on. B. hairdressing industry do to establish a positive attitude to make yourself become strong desire to change the status quo: from monthly income of three thousand, the monthly income of ten thousand, to more; buy a house, buy a car! Tell them to be successful, starting with changing the mentality. As Milutinovic said, "attitude is everything." Never to passively identify what is impossible, first you have to think you can, go try, try again, and finally you find that you really can. C. master the correct sales skills everyone needs to have the United States, if you sell through your behavior, make him aware of: he has a need that your product can meet his needs, his pay is worth it, You will be able to make the deal. And these must be to achieve through proper sales techniques. D. have enough product knowledge to employees fully understand the products, have sufficient product knowledge. It allows you to experience the best remi human hair weave product, the staff attentive to experience the advantages and unique product, so that employees do not say the wrong thing when selling to customers to avoid customer regret buying the wrong human hair weave, or else he did not fully understand real human hair products, how to sell to customers.